Monday, November 15, 2010

My Thanksgiving Thoughts

Greetings to all,
Tis the season to be thankful and grateful, so I am back. I was coming back from Spanish Fork on this beautiful day and as I rounded the bend at Lindon and saw the temple encircled by fluffy white clouds and the blue sky above it, with the sun shining down on it, I realized how truly grateful I am for all God has done for me.

Last night Norm and Sheryl came over. They had been released just a few hours before. We were discussing a few money matters and Norman said, "Can you believe how blessed we are that we can even talk about money and how blessed we are?" "There are so many people who are without."

I hope you don't mind me making up for lost time. I'm afraid Janell isn't here so there will be no pictures. I am proud to say that I have learned to make smiley faces, thanks to Ashlely and hopefully do cut and paste thanks to Janell. We'll see.

Just lately I have realized more and more how God is ever beside me and the Savior has lifted my burdens so many times. The following are three incredible experiences that I have had in just the last six months. I have never taken the opportunity to express my feelings about our trip to New York and Kirtland. I guess that they have been so tender I didn't know how to tell you all what I felt while there. I will never forget the feeling as we drove into Palmyra and I closed my eyes and it felt like I had gone back in time and could see the people of the times walking up and down the street and feel the beat of the hoofs of the horses. It was truly a gift for me, because it prepared me for the experience I have waited for all my life and never thought I would be able to have. Walking where the Prophet walked and hearing the silence and feeling the wonder of the Sacred Grove, will always be a treasure in my heart as I'm sure it was for all of us. On our second trip back, I took the opportunity to go back a third time and stand just inside the Grove and feel it's spirit. It was as if it was calling me back it. I thank God for that incredible time.

We next ventured to Kirtland where so much took place. Singing in the temple was wonderful, and being able to participate in the School of the Prophets and feel the spirit there was so wonderful. One of my very favorite scriptures is in the 76th section of the D&C and to be there where it was received was overpowering. Thanks so much Ken for making the trip possible, Randall and Marian for the best bed and breakfast and entertainment and Norm and Sheryl for a very spiritual experience and wonderful food also.

If you are tired of reading by now you can choose another blog and come back, but I'm on a roll.

My next experience happened just recently. Our Relief Society challenged the sisters to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days. Our goal was to learn more about the Savior and to increase our love for Him and know that He lives. Our Christmas Social will be the culmination. This was September 5th. It had taken me all year to get to about Alma 17. I was reading the Old Testament also. It was a hard decision for me to close the book and start all over again. We each were given our own book to read and write in. Mom said she knew I could do it. There were a few days that passed and I realized the time was going. I had started, but was somewhat behind. Yes, I did start back at the beginning. I realized finally that there were not very many goals in my life that I had actually finished and all of a sudden I wanted for this to be one of them that I did. I will never forget the night of November 4th, 2010 at 11:48 P.M. when I closed the book on the last page. I had read it in 60 days. I wish you could all have that feeling. Mother had gone to bed. I had just been reading about Moroni and I'm sure he just wept at what he saw, but he went ahead and buried the records so that the Lord's promises would be fulfilled and we would be able to have this incredible experience.

My last experience happened today. I attended the funeral of our faithful home teacher. He & his wife never missed. She was my visiting teacher also and we have remained wonderful friends. At the back of the chapel was a young handicapped fellow in a wheelchair. Mentality wise I don't know how old he was. As we sang the last song,'How Great Thou Art,' this loving loud voice came from the back of the room, trying to sing every word. It was such a humbling experience to hear him and realize that he was giving thanks to God even with all the challenges has. I closed my eyes and could hardly sing. All of a sudden a wonderful feeling came over me and I felt as if I were kneeling at the Savior's feet. The tears ran down my cheeks. I am so grateful that this young man was in my presence today and that the Lord taught me what true humility should be like. We should be even as little children.

Thanks for letting me share these precious moments with you. Some of them are very sacred. Please just hold them in your hearts as a testimony that I know God lives and is always mindful of us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dana said...

Linda. Thanks for sharing such touching experiences. I was touched as well and my testimony of our Savior strengthened. Thanks so much for your wonderful example - you are truly an inspiration to me.

M. Nelson said...


What a beautiful testimony. I was truly touched. Thank you for sharing.

PS--We're going to be in Utah sometime soon. Can;t wait to see you!

Janell said...

Thanks so much for sharing these moments with us!

Love You!